Sorry I haven’t posted another entry. Been…occupied with the sinful Sims 3. If you haven’t heard of it or don’t have the game, do NOT buy it!!! It is very addicting. I’ve found I have to get my chores and tasks done Before I boot up the game. Oh boy, what have I started?
On another note, 10 days until Thanksgiving and 11 days until Black Friday!!!!! WooooHoooo!! That is the few times a year I don’t mind the crowds and the eager shoppers.
I really hope I am able to plan a get-together with some extended family. We haven’t gotten together in a few years. I really want to have a cookie swap. That is an inexpensive yet caring way to tell family you love them, in my opinion.
This Christmas will also have somewhat of a somber feeling. It will be the th second holiday without Dana. I feel for my cousins who were closer with her. My heart breaks for her parents, sister and family. But knowing Dana has her angel wings and that she is walking with the Lord settles my nerves a bit.
I am allover the place, topic wise today haha. The church we have been attending, Community Christian Church, has been so rewarding and accepting. Their motto is “the church for the rest of us.” I feel I fit in very well. It’s true, I don’t have the best past with God, I want to become closer with him and I need to learn to trust Him.
I am not sure why trusting is difficult for me. Perhaps it has to do with events in my past. The one that comes to mind, is the time police came to our house in Florida after I had an emotional talk with a friend. I wasn’t feeling my best, mentally speaking, and my friend was concerned enough to get me help. While talking with a woman officer, I gave her a bag with some…paraphernalia in it: some sharps and a ripped up hotline card among other things. I didn’t know at the time that my friend had sent the police to my house. I do recall when I found out, I was angry. But as I look back, I am thankful for her. She very possibly was the hand I needed to grasp, so to speak. To this friend, you may remember the event or maybe you are unaware of the impact it had on me, I am eternally grateful. I really hope this friend sees this blog and knows how much I still care for her.
Today, in my goal to find something to be thankful for everyday of November, I am giving a shout out, lol, to my creativeness. I love writing stories. I have graduated from acting out those stories with my Barbie dolls to writing them down with details.
I also wanted to say how thankful I am for all of my friends!! I feel so blessed to have all of you in my life!!


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