I'm a little tired a grumpy today. I was supposed to go get my bi-annual blood tests done, but this morning I forgot that I couldn't eat because it was fasting only, and I had a pancake. Grrrrrrrrr!!! So I'll have to do it all over again on Sunday night/Monday morning, and I'll have to move my doctor's appointment back because they need at least a week in between getting the results and seeing me. I feel stupid. Oh well, it's really no big deal, it's just not the best way to wake up when you've been starving yourself since the afternoon before and then messing up the hour before you're supposed to get the tests done.

Things have been tense between my husband and I lately. It's all me; I've been having nightmares almost every night about him and the ex-friend that cheated with him on me. We haven't spoken to either of them since about 3 months ago (which I'm perfectly fine with), but I don't trust her, and I'm not ready to trust him either. I finally told him yesterday that I needed him to erase their phone numbers from his cell phone and unfriend them on facebook, or things would not go well between us. He readily agreed, apologized to me again that he had created this situation and reassured me that if this would ease my mind some that he had no problem doing it. So I'm a little more relaxed. This morning though he was irritable and defensive, and it really bothered me. Maybe it was because neither of us slept well last night.

Today I start job-hunting for a part-time position for the summer. Wish me luck; usually all the northerners have gone home by May and most places aren't hiring because summer is so slow. I need flexible hours and only want 2-3 shifts per week, so that may be problematic. I don't know. I'm also considering teaching a summer orchestra camp at the school for either a week or 2 weeks. The school would be fine with that ~ they only ask for 10% of what you bring in financially to help pay for the electricity and use of space. And since we're a charter school the music instructor suggested I invite other charter school students to join since they often don't have orchestra programs either. I've got to talk with the principal to get the okay to go ahead, and then decide what it should cost per student, make a list of what they'll need, make up enrollment forms and all that, and send out flyers and visit the other schools. I'm not sure I'm going to do it yet, it's kind of daunting, and it depends on whether or not I find a job.

Today is supposed to be my day to relax by myself, lol. So much for relaxing. I feel stressed just thinking about everything I need to try to get accomplished. I think I'll write down a list of what I want to get done, and then try to do at least 2 things on it today.

I'm surely going to do one thing nice for myself today though; I'm going to take a nice nap!

Have a beautiful Spring day everyone. 🙂

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  1. elf 8 years ago

    Dear Sadviolinist,

    Sorry you were grumpy. But your circumstances do warrant it. To blow a fast at the last minute and then have to reschedule everything, bummer.

    Sorry about the issues with your spouse. It is so hard to gain and grant trust once it is broken. Getting rid of all contact with the other party is a first step. No need to leave temptation out there.

    I like your idea of one or two weeks of teaching this summer. You said it was daunting, but go for it. Share you love for music by teaching others.

    Best of luck in whatever you decide!


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