im so fricking fed up with men at the moment i swear their all just after one fricking thing! first of all i felt forced into it with the boyfriend the other day , usaly if i say no he just like ok and we just watch tv or somehting , but the other day he didnt drop it and just kept carrying on trying it with me and so in the end i just gave up i was worried he would get angry if i kept saying no over and over (thats happened in the past with boyfriends so i dont beilive its an irational fear i have) .

second i was talking to a mate of mine , i know hes into me but he knows i have a boyfriend so knows im not interested in more than being mates! any ways we were textingg as usal and he then decided to send me a pic of umm himself . i didnt respond to that cus it was out of no where. he just sent a text with it saying this is what happens when i think of you. anyways later on in the evening he asked me to send a pic and i said no , and then he said cant you at least talk dirty to me , i said no again! so with this he just went of on a rant just saying im not asking for much from you i just want a pic or talk! and now hes saying he might as well jsut fuck off then! i have sent a text saying wht the hell i say no to you and you start off on me! but havnt heard a replie yet!

and the third thing with another guy friend! we were supose to meet up tonight for a catch up as we do. anyways i text to say we still meeting and he said to be honest he in a mood and just wants to be alone, i getthat and dont tke offence to that because were honest when it comes to things like tht as i get like that to! i so i said well if you need to talk to anything just let me know if i can help, and also replied to him saying im not feeling great i got some things going on to. not going to type what he replied but bascaly saying by hving sex with me would help! no concern to how i feel or anything which usaly we are there for each other!

and the forth , is a guy from work who only texts me when he wants something. if i mention something to do with anything but sex he just ignors me even in person! i dont meet up with him but he just makes me feel like im just some toy who he wants to play with and that i dont count as a person!


i genrlly feel like every guy at the moment just wants me for one thing! im fed up with it . ive had bad experinces in the past with guys and sex and its taken me a long time to build any kinda confinence with guys! am am i being like stupid or do i actully have reason to be anoyed? im not trying to be selfsih and dont want everything to be omg how are you or anything but it be nicenot to feel as though im just in peopled lives when they want it! its making me feel so low 🙁

  1. starlove 10 years ago

    The right "man", not "boy" or "guy", will want more than sex. Perhaps you are surrounding yourself or restricting yourself to a low-caliber male persuasion? Push your bar up higher and do not waste time on settling for second best. Birds of a feather. What are you worth? Soar there! 😉

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  2. fragile_things 10 years ago

    thank you guys! its good to know im not just over reacting ! i think i afraid of aiming higher though because i dont think im worth it but its something i gota work on! so thanks x

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  3. lostgirl204 10 years ago

    I have the same issues with men, they just like to empty their load and then piss off. I'm addressing these issues, if only it was that easy! x

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