Im 39 im handicaped with cp i cant walk ,  im a large person …who am i kidding im fat as hell …….i was hurt by a women when i was 18ish ….for long time i didnt think i had the right to ask a women to take care of me …to love me……didnt think it was possible……3yrs ago i met women in a online game i told her all about me she said it didnt matter she loved me for the person i am …….she moved 2300 miles to live with me .she left her friends and family to be with me and my father……..I thought maybe just maybe i could have wife ….her kids …dog cat house with White picket fence …well 3yrs later shes hurt her back more taking care of me  she fell into depression cuz of lack of friends and other things i wont get into past 2 yrs she has been pushing me away shes unhappy and i cant do anything bout it but love her …..and i do with all my hart soul now we play nother onle game with her friend and her friends .friends ive been cut out ….they call eachother all the time guys f5rom the game even she plays with nother guy refuses to play with me .we dont do anything together anymore …….she says she still loves me but shev dont know what she wants…i see her in game with this guy ….im not even aloud to play with them ……WHAT DID I DO …..WHY DONT SHE JUST LOVE ME AS I LOVE HER my time on this earth is running out …io dont want to be alive i am a burden to everyone i know …..i just wanted to grow old with someone that loved me for the man that i am ……now after givving my hart to her loving her as much as i could ………..its still not enough …..CAN ANY WOMEN LOVE THIS WHEELCHAIR BOUND …OVERWIGHT SISSY OF A MAN …..sisy because i try to taklk things out and i cry to much according to most ppl CAN I BE LOVED?


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