Yesterday my day started shitty, and got worse as it progressed.
First, I had to spend the night in Lombard IL. to make a morning delivery.
The problem with that is that when I can’t be at Gunite in Rockford early, it throws my whole day off.
So, I get unloaded in Lombard, and head to Rockford.
I get my load and talk with my dispatcher.
My dispatcher gives me reload info early, and wants me to call the broker on that reload. Remember, I haven’t left Rockford yet.
He’s asking me to lie to the broker to get the reload.
I don’t like it, but, like a total idiot, I do as my dispatcher asks.
By now most of you can guess where this blog is going.
Ok, I did what my dispatcher asked, and, of course it backfires, as lies always do for me.
So, I finally get the first load off, and start pulling nails out of the trailer floor.
By this time, the broker is calling my dispatcher because I’m not at the shipper getting my reload.
I’m an hour away, and the weather is bad. Not to mention, there’s a few dozen Ahmish buggies traveling the roads I have to take.
So my dispatcher is yelling at me, and I finally started boiling myself.
I shut my phone off, and used the trucks phone to call my boss, and find out (to my relief) that half the drivers in the company are pissed at my dispatcher.
I’ve dealt with that broker, and that customer before, and I know from experience that they’re easy to deal with.
Why my dispatcher wants to cause problems, I don’t know.
I managed to get the reload, anyway, and delivered it this morning.
So, now I’m freaking because I have a feeling the trouble from this run isn’t over.


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