I forgot about this subject. People have different views about god. The main thing is not to blame god,if you have not met god and dont know what god is. There is no signpost or description for recognising god.I dont think there is an official name even though religions give them.You are not suffering so much because god hated you and does not care about you. We find ourselves on the world and unfortunately,much of it is hostile and unpleasant.A certain amount of things and beings were originally created,we can surmise.This includes our souls and somewhere later our bodies. Most things have already been set up long ago involving blueprints of designs and laws of the creation. On this planet, we operate in accordance with these things. We can deduce that originally things were created with love, good intention and high potential. We have free will, so it is up to us to make choices and improve our lives. We are obviously not condemned to eternal hell after we die as creation was made in loving ways. That does not mean we will automatically go to a heavenly realm, however.I believe we are accountable for our thoughts, feelings and actions both now and in the afterlife. However, I believe we also receive much help to understand things, process things and grow spiritually. Before you decide on blaming god or not, get an understanding of how life and existence works with the elements of life.Its quite possible that there are aspects of god watching over you. Anyway there are beings in the spirit realm who can help.How many of you have been in desperate situations and were saved from them, perhaps near the end or when you had lost hope? If we are open to the possibilities of help and guidance,we can connect with love and light, perhaps noticing and being ready for when people help us on this world. The more we shut ourselves away in a negative mood, the less we notice help and opportunities for a better life or put up unnecessary barriers. People say there is nothing they can do to help themselves, although changing ones attitude is a step closer to a solution.


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