Honestly, I wish this week was just over and gone, for so many different reasons.

Anyway, So I went back to the doctors today because my infection had gotten worse…And I barely made it to my appointment…I purposely got there alittle late just so i wouldn't have to wait with the sea of people there.

So, she did want she had to and I got new medication to help with it…hopefully it works..Though, The fact I haven't had to go to school is alright..It just keeps getting harder and harder to go back,

Just thinking about getting through the school day causes a major panic attack.

Then more drama with parents tonight, they almost got into another fight but I distracted it….Then dad was just getting on everyone's nervs especially my brother's, which also shot my anxiety up

I didn't need the two of them getting into another fight either, y'know? I just wish we could go one day with out it…

Just one day without worrying about any medical shit, or eating disorders, or depression, or Anxiety or cutting,body image issues, etc…One freaking day without all of this blowing up in my face.

That won't happen though, I know that much already. So why even try to hope for it?

So, I guess that's how most of today went. I hope everyone else's day has been okay…

(God, I had a mini-heart attack just now…The door bell just rang…it was the younger neighbor across the street…he and his friends have been doing that ding-dong ditch thing….

I don't care but, could they just leave my house out of it? I had to take another Xanax and a Valium to calm the fuck down….I know I should OD on pills but I rather that then deal with this anymore.)

Anyway, I'll 'see' you all later I guess…Hope you all have a good night.



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