So about a year ago I was goin through a bad stage. I was hangin out with friends that liked to drugs. I decided one day i was gonna try some pot. I mean from what i heared it was good. Well i got some and smoked it with my cousin and my friend. It took me about 3 hits and i was good! I had understood what they ment by that "good high" well needless to say i loved it! And j decided i was gonna start smoking with my friends. U had done it about 2 more times the 3rd time it was wierd! I had heard that no one can come addictied to pot but for some reason as crazy as this sounds its like i was. The 3rd time i was completley broke! I tried begging my friend to get us a bunch! Well she only had a couple bucks. I was so bumbed! But i wanted it , and i stole some money from my dad 🙁 we had gotten it and we got home and i opended the bag up. It smelt funny! I didnt understand why it did but i just shrugged and said oh well! Me and my friend had decided we were gonna smoke it in the pool , and i mean its a giod way to relax! We took quit a few hits and i was feelin really wierd! My heart started to race! My friend had accidentley pushed me underwater and i inhaled a huge thing of water! I was so scared i thought i was dying! I starting crying and telling her i was dying! All i could see is my mom at work an my dad in bed discovering i was dead and they felt as if it was my their fault! I just felt like i was passing out as my friend was trying to get the water out of my tthroat i just felt week and everything was turning black. We did determine we got laced but we don't know what it was. a few months after this i started getting the intrusive thoughts because i couldnt let any of this go! I still have a hRd time with letting it go . I try so hard not to think about it! But i just cant forgive myself for it! What on earth do i do?! Someone please help me!!

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  1. resurrection 9 years ago

    ok im a dad so 'DONT DO DRUGS' that said it's your OCD not bad dope accept that. As much as I hate to admit it pot may be good for OCD there is some studies that are promising for this and other mental disorders. Here is the kicker your young brain is still growing and there is good science that it can be detrimental to a teenage brain. Maybe someone with more info will wade in. Oh yeah DONT STEAL. Sorry still a Dad. Even more important. Your a teenager you will make mistakes, Lord I made alot of them; learn, say your sorry when apropiate, forgive your self and move on. OCD makes us rerun our stupid stuff to death its ok.

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