I had a daymare. It's kind of like an nightmare except it only takes place when I nap or go back to sleep after waking up. It usually takes place when their is sunlight. It's weird and I suspect it's the result of some vent up feelings I had.



Last night I had stayed up late. Which really isn't different from any other time. I stayed up until 5 AM like my boyfriend insisted because he wanted to watch his favourite television show "The Office".



Anyway. I woke up at 8:00 AM because my cat was hungry and she was purring for breakfast. (She purrs). My boyfriend had work for 10 but wasn't awake yet. He seldom gets woken up by the cat even when she licks him numerously with her sand-paper tounge!



Then I quickly hopped back into bed and fell asleep.


That's where the daymare happened.




I dreamt that I was in my old bedroom, at my parents place. My manager at work, Fiona, was there. She was teaching me some kick boxing moves or something. I was scared but happy that I was finally taken up something which involves exercise and not the internet. (I suppose I should maybe consider taking something up, eh?)




For some reason, we ended up outside in the field/now-turned park right outside of my parent's place. Fiona had a fish in her hand and she was using it to teach me about patience or something? No idea. Dreams don't make much sense. It was cold outside and I took the tiny silver little fish from her hands and brought it to a cold pond where it suddenly swam into the pond's leaves and fell into hibernation. I picked it back up and brought it back to the uh…warmer water pond/lake because Fiona didn't want it sleeping.




My sisters and a bunch of friends were there. Out of nowhere, my younger sister shouted: "Look!"




I looked to the side of the large field only to see us surrounded by 50 different people of all ages! They were posing for what seemed like a race or something.





"They'll crush us under their feet if they race through here!" My younger sister said.




And they did. None of us died but they leaped right over us in a no human could really leap in reality. They had their race then celebrated. While they celebrated, I looked around at my friends, some of them hurt. Fiona's pet fish was lying, dead, squished in the pond.




I was livid! How could they have done this? They could have killed us by trampling us! We were right there. I went up to the nearest racer (a guy probably the same age but a little older, no relation to my reality but he was a very detailed made-up dream guy) and screamed at him. I told him it was dangerous what they had done and selfish. I told him they had killed our pet. I threw rocks at him. His friend looked like he wanted to punch me in the face. My boyfriend, seeing the situation and being just as angry, hurried me away knowing I wrapped up in anger.




Seeing a group of the races altogether, I yelled: "I hope you die!" Which isn't something I'd ever yell at a bunch of strangers and is sort of a threat, but I was really angry in this dream.




I go back to my parents place with my boyfriend and friends. We end up finding out a little boy who had done the race was found murdered. Since I had been the one to tell; "I hope you die!" I was a suspect. The whole area suspected me except my family and friends.




I was stressed. I knew that I had nothing to do with the young kid getting murdered. I didn't want them to pin-point who I was so I hid inside for awhile.





Then I decided to seek out this individual who lived in one of the townhouses down the street. He was an older man who gave me comfort as I knew no one would find me there and bother me about the kid who died. He didn't judge me. I slept there before my youngest sister found me and chilled there.





Then my second youngest sister came over. I guess she had found some pamplhets stating that atheism was the way to go. (I'm agnostic and my family isn't too impressed, they are Roman Catholic.) Apparently the end of the world was coming because of all of these incidents!





I eventually left the guy's house and went back to my parent's who had wondered where I had went.





I then attended the little guy's funeral where I hugged his mother and told her I was sorry for wishing such a thing on her son. I then met his older brother who I explained how angry I had been with them but he was more like; "We just wanted to race".





Anywho, I was stressed out by this weird, bizarre, mixed up daymare I was covered in sweat! I'm not sure what the message is? That I think everyone is against me? That if I wish death on someone it'll happen? 0_o It's also weird how stressed out I get when I think others believes I've done something wrong.






















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