Dear Lord,
Thankyou for my life.Thankyou for loving me just as I am.Lord I’m sorry for not talking to you in prayer.Lord I’m sorry for neglecting to read your word.Lord I have not,because I have not asked you.Lord please forgive me for my stubborn heart. I’m sorry Lord.I miss you and I call out to you at this time.
Lord I lift up my depression to you.Lord you understand me like no one else does.I have been soo focused on my own circumstances that I have missed out on what you are trying to teach me.I have been focused on the wrong circumstances in my own life.Help me Lord to trust in you more and help me to see that I cannot overcome anything on my own strength alone.Please restore my mind and fill it with your truths and promises.
Lord I’m sorry that I have allowed myself to be tempted sexually.Lord please give me the strength that I need to overcome these sins. Lord please help my boyfriend Adam.Lord please give him the heart of conviction.Lord please take away all of his porn addiction.Lord please give him the strength to seek your name in all things.Lord he has such a good heart,but his heart needs to be captivated by you alone Lord.Let’s face it,sin can
be fun.If it wasn’t fun,no one would do it.However
pleasure from sin is only temporary.The hard consequences can last forever.(Job 20:4-5)Lord please listen to my words,as I seek you with all of my heart.Look at me and cleanse me of all unrighteousness.Look at my boyfriend Adam and cleanse him of all unrighteousness.
Lord please help me to encourage my boyfriend Adam
and encourage me Lord.My heart is angry and bitter
towards him watching porn and doing sexual things that cause me to stumble,because he has no real conviction.Though he knows that he needs help.Help
him to be held accountable.Help him to be Christ-cantered and not fleshly-centered.Help him to not cause me to sin.Please him to guard and protect me,as well as himself.Help us both to stay out of my bedroom,because we fall into sin everytime. Please remove these sins out of our lives.I pray all of these things,knowing your will will be done
in your perfect timing and will,Amen.


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