To my DT Bloges, what does it take for someone to get help any where in the world??!!!

I know of friend that was told they can not be help!!! Well we does that put them and then to read this in Australia—–

A murderer who used Facebook to lure young female victims says he was diagnosed as "psychotic" when he was 13 but was told he was beyond help until he "killed someone".

Christopher James Dannevig, who has confessed to the 2010 murder of Sydney teenager Nona Belomesoff, claims no one offered him help in the years before the murder.

"We saw a female psychologist. They said my behaviour showed psychotic and schizophrenic traits but said they could not do anything about it unless I hurt or killed someone," he wrote in a letter to theSunday Telegraph.

"They didn't want to help me at all."

On Wednesday, Dannevig pleaded guilty to Ms Belomesoff's murder in bushland on the outskirts of Sydney.

He pretended to be a wildlife officer on Facebook and told the animal-loving 18-year-old he was conducting training at Smith Creek Reserve in Leumeah.

The pair spent six days together in the bush with Ms Belemesoff believing she was being inducted into the NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service (WIRES).

Dannevig claimed in the letter he had a troubled childhood and a string of bad relationships that lead to his frustration and depression prior to the murder.

Really what choice had he had.. Makes me sick that they need the help but to be told that they will not help them untill he hurts himself or to hurt someone else and then he kills!!!
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  1. nickstar 11 years ago

     Well said Dariajane.. I so agree with all you had to say.. I think some times it takes years to work on our illness n time (which we want a quick fit) 

    Like you said you need to have the will to survive and learn to live with illness.. 

    Sometimes we have to try every thing before we find what suits us the best to help us… I have spent the last 5 years with all sorts of different meds and therapist and treatment.. Am still trying to fine something that helps me.. I have not had the help i needed yet so i have had to try it on my own to find things to help myself… 

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