Recapping yesterday, once i got started with my day:  *i opened the doors to let in some fresh, brisk air.  At least two squirrels eased their way inside the apartment, even if only slightly inside the doors.  *The med-van came to pick me up (first time), and it was really an enjoyable time.  The driver was really nice and thoughtful, and we had a decent chat. *Met with my therapist, and we had a pretty thorough session.  We even had some time to work on the event from my early childhood.  She made several positive remarks regarding my progress.  *Had more pleasant conversation with the van driver, on the return ride to the apartment.  *i reopened the doors for more cool air, until Marty got in from work.  *Then, i warmed Marty up some lunch and we chilled for a bit.  *Before i made dinner, we went for a walk–not a very long one, but it wasn’t very short, either.  i spent that time sharing more with Marty regarding my day.  *When we got back in, i got dinner ready and served Marty, and he really seemed to enjoy the new recipe i tried.  *After i was done cleaning up, it was down-time, so we chatted a bit more before Marty fell asleep.  –Basically, i believe i had a good, productive day.

This morning, i’m kinda just laying in bed–not really, though.  i’m thinking about some things i feel like i want to get done, but nothing’s jumping out, yet.  i guess we’ll see how the day progresses…..

i hope everyone is doing as well as possible, considering your own circumstances.  You are all worthy.  You all matter, greatly, in this world.  Please take care of yourselves.  ***hugs***


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