Still tired and low today. I'm not sure why , if there's any particular reason atall . All I really want to do is sleep , but I know that's not going to really help me . Besides , my sonis home sick today , and I have to watch over him , although he does pretty well about keeping himself occupied when I'm busy . He's a good boy most of the time . 🙂

We got lucky with hurricane Isaac . But even though it stayed in the Gulf of Mexicowe still got a lot of severe weather . It rained likemad forthe last 2 days , with some serious lightnight, wind , and even tornados nearby us. We had so much rain! Yesterday thepondwas overflowingit's banks , but luckily not so much that we were concerned aboutbeing stuck . And we amazingly never lost power . I amhoweververy concerned aboutthe people in it's path ~ particularly if ithits New Orleans again . I hope they will have better systems in place by now to prevent all the deaths anddestruction that hurricane Katrina wrought 7 years ago . They're still trying to rebuild from that catastrophe . My heart goes out to them .

I'm really grateful for the sunshine today , even though it's hot now . When it's gray and rainy for more than aday it makes my mood plummet . I wonder if that's normal for people with depressive problems ~ or if it's just me .

Atlanta was really enjoyable , although I was aggravated because we spent a grand total of maybe an hour of moving my brother-in-law's things in . We drove all that way to lift a few heavy pieces of furniture that he himself could have done with Dad and Theresa's help ? Come on ! But it did give us more time to enjoy the city andall it had to offer . Going to the Aquarium was my b-day present from my husband , and I loved it . Igot tosee animals that evenSea World in Orlando doesn't have . Beluga whales , whale sharks , manta rays , electric eels and so manybeautiful sea creatures that we could touch! Since I'll never be able to dive ( which Iwant to so badly ) because of my ear problems , Aquariums are the closest I'll ever be able to come to that . That's why they're so special to me . My son absolutely LOVED the dolphin show and didn't stop talking about it for days . They're such amazing creatures , and I love the fact that every day I can look out on the river as I drive and watch them play .

Well , I guess that's it for now . Nothing else interesting to really say . I have to make some phone calls and juggle some appointments around. I hope you are all well today . And those of you that know AncientgeekCrone ; please keep her in mind and prayers today . She had major surgery yesterday and is recovering in the hospital for a few days ( I believe ).


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