So I have such wonderful news but I am so depressed at the same time. Well, a couple of days ago I met, you guessed it, a new baseball player.But unlike the others who usually immediately asked for my phone number he said for me to go to the game the next day, which would be the first he would play here in town and that we'd see each other there. I went and after the game he saw me and not only said hi but gave me a kiss on the cheek. Now let me just say the players have me go, but most of the time don't even acknowledge me. I just want you to know that now before I continue the story. Well, after he said I should've let him know that I had gotten there however late he said to wait for him outside the gate. So I waited. When I saw him I couldn't believe how handsome he looked in and out of his uniform. We sat on a bench outside the first base gate and talked. He's Venezuelan and he had told me the day before I myself look like I'm from Venenzuela. Well that night on the bench he said he had told a teammate that I looked Venezuelan and he wanted to meet me. So I met his friend and me and Eduardo (my new found angel), kept talking. Instead of inviting me over to the apartment he set up a date for the next day. We would go to the Riverwalk. His friend sort of invited himself and said to bring a friend for him but I wasn't complaining. For once, this would be like a real date. One in which I had never really gone on with a baseball player, you know? Well he got my number and when it was time for them to get on the bus he said for me to text him later that night. He texted me first saying he was fortunate to have met me and he looked forward to seeing me again. This struck me as different because up to this date there had only been one player who remotely came close to being as sweet as Eduardo. But that was when I got a boyfriend from here and I stopped talking to him. Anyway, he texted me the next morning and said he couldn't wait to get to know me that night and asked if I was going to the game and taking a friend. I said yes and I ended up taking a friend of mine whom I hardly talk to but does speak spanish since these guys don't speak English. At the game he came out to the bullpen as in the night before (which I failed to mention by the way) and said hi and even winked at me. From time to time he'd look at me and smile. Of course he said hi and to wait for him after the game. I was getting so nervous waiting I almost felt as if I would lose my mind! When he finally came to the car I swore my breath was taken away.Ok, I'm exaggerating a little bit but he did look pretty darn handsome! He got in the backseat of my friends car with me while she and his friend sat in the front (her of course being the driver since I don't have a car). We went down town and let me just say I had the most fun that I had ever had in my life up to this point! They were sooo funny! I think they need to let these minor leaguers go on little "field trips" or something because it seems like they never get out by the way they were acting! They were making us laugh constantly and Eduardo tried scaring me with a rubber snake at a gift shop but much to his avail it didn't scare me. I noticed him stopping at every keychain stand looking for his name so I thought, "Oh how cute, he wants a keychain with his name on it." As we walked through the stores he held my hand and when we would stop to look at something he would put his arm around me. Well, in the third store we went to he found a variation of his name (Ed) and said to look for mine. I found my name but with the wrong spelling (Krystal). Well he got them both and said he was going to get them as a gift. I thought maybe we was getting his name for himself or my name for me or something. We went to meet up with our set up friends and he continued holding my hand. I thought it was so cute though because they were getting snacks for a roadtrip coming up the next day and even though Eduardo was trying to juggle what candy he had he never let go of my hand even though I told him if he needed it he could have it back (as a joke of course)! haha, well we bought the stuff and he offered to buy me a water. He asked if I was hungry and I said eh, kind of and he said he'd get me a snack or whatever. Well my friend and I were talking about what was healthy to eat from a convenience store when Eduardo said for me to just get something I really really like but never get to, that it would be my "cheat night". So I got the Chex Turtle Mix (which is my utmost favorite of all time). He said get something to drink so I got a water and when we left the store his friend had the bag with the goodies and Eduardo asked him for my water and opened it for me. I thought that was so cute since I'm not used to these kinds of gestures. When we got in the car he got the keychains out and said, "I want you to have these, don't lose them because I don't want you to forget about me." Then he looked me right in the eyes and put his arm around me. I couldn't believe it! No one in my entire life has ever bought me, BOUGHT ME, keychains with our names on it. I remember looking in his eyes and he leaned in to kiss me. THe moment before our lips touched I inhaled through my nose and I swear I breathed him in. It was like one of those scenes in a 1940s movie where two people kiss and the dramatic music comes out because there is so much passion involved. I swear we spent the next 20 minutes kissing, haha. I have never enjoyed kissing someone in my entire life. When we were in the car he looked at me and said "You look very beautiful this way." We ended up at my friends apartment and while our friends were on the balcony me and Eduardo were watching Sex Drive. I told him I absolutely loved muscle cars and I wanted to buy one one day and he said he thought they were really nice cars which is a first for any of my Latin American friends. They always think they're ugly. We spent a good while talking and then we started kissing again. Of course one thing led to another and let me just say that this time it felt different. The very act of sex itself. When he looked into my eyes I could tell he was REALLY LOOKING INTO MY EYES. It's one of those womanly intuitions so to speak. Right after the big shebang, he stared into my eyes and said "I loved meeting you". We spent the next 10 minutes just holding each other until his roommate text him he was coming back and the we got dressed and went down to the lobby of the hotel he was staying at. There is so much more inbetween but I'm just going through the highlights. Well we talked and talked for like 30 minutes and he said I want to know you, tell me everything. How's school like? Where do you work? Things like that, we talked about what i want to do with my career and of course his. Fast forward to this past Monday (which is like two days ago). I went to the game and when he saw me he had this huge smile on his face and he winked and said hi. One of his teammates saw him and I could tell a little bit of what they were saying by reading their lips. I knew they were talking about me because I saw the roommate ask him and by judging Eduardo's responce that he asked if we went out, where did i meet him. After the game he said he'll see me outside and when I waited for him I swear my stomach was full of butterflies. As he came out I saw him walk right past the people waiting for autographs and went right straight to me. Instead of giving me the usual hug and kiss on the cheek he did the two previous days and every other player has done before this time, he gave me a hug and a kiss on the lips. He asked how did my Zumba class go, how was my day and I was doing the next day. Oh before I go on I forgot to mention how when we were talking in the lobby he asked what I was going to do that night and when I said just go home and go to bed he said "Don't forget to pack your bags so I can take you back with me to Springfield!" (And yes, no one has ever said to me before either!) Ok, well I had told him about a Venezuelan radio station you could listen to online and so we talked about that. When most of the players were on the bus and it was time for them to leave he walked me to the car and told my mom hi. I told him I had wanted to cook him a meal for the bus ride since he said they weren't going to stop and he looked at me with in disbelief that I would make such a "nice" gesture. What also got to me was the way he looked at me when I said I would even go to Frisco or Midland to see him play. He gave me one of those "you would really do that for me" kinds of looks. I told him I hope he wouldn't forget about me and he said of course not. What I really liked was that he started calling me "Mi Bella", well HIS bella, haha. Which translated loosely in english is "My Pretty". lol, sounds more like something out of the Wizard of Oz, but he sure is my Emerald City. Last night I cried for like an hour. I don't know where it came from. I feel like we really connected but being lIbra and seeing the other side of things I keep telling myself maybe it's just the fact that I never actually went out out with any of these guys before that I so happened to fall for this one. I remember I felt the exact same way the first season about a player and that ended sadly when he went back to Puerto Rico without so much as a goodbye. A part of me wants to get on the ride and see where it takes me but another says to be careful. But like I mentioned, no one has ever paid me that much sincere genuine attention. Earlier Monday he said he couldnt wait to see me again. Being the last day they were going to be in town usually the guys just blow me off. I don't know what to think… I want to be happy but I don't want to jump the gun either…

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    Aw thanks! 😀 I wish it were that easy

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