Another blog today. I'm glad to say I'm feeling a little bit better today than I've been. I'm still exhausted for the most part, and crying a little, but more "with it" and aware of things around me. Tomorrow I'm going to see my therapist; I made a special appointment with her to see can offer any advice to help me through this. I really could use it right now.

It seems that so many of us are having pretty heavy depression issues lately. Is it something as simple as the change in season, or the change in the color of the sunlight? Or is it something more? I know the holiday season is hard for a lot of people for various reasons.

I specifically wanted to say thank you for the friends that have been keeping me afloat the last couple of days; my ropes of hope to keep me from descending underneath the quicksand. I don't know if you realize how much you're support has done for me. But because of you I'm still here, because of you I won't give up even though that's why my bipolar brain says I should do now. I'm not a quitter~ I can do this. And while I may feel like a failure in several ways, I know there are still a lot of good and beautiful things about me; I just have to be willing to acknowledge them when I feel like this. It's just hard to do.

I wish you all a blessed night and sweet dreams to give you rest. I wish for us all a beautiful dawning of a new day in the morning and hope that goes with it. We can do it if we keep together and support each other through bad and good. I cannot tell you how glad I am that I found Dtribe years ago. I feel like I belong and am understood and can be honest about who I am and what I'm dealing with.

love~ Key

P.S. ~ my uncle is finally coming around! They moved him to a normal room now and have taken off the restraints finally. He's back with us it seems! I'm so grateful for that, and thank you all for your prayers…I think it had a lot to do with him pulling through. <3


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