Driving home from work. My fuel pump went out. Another 1200 and 300 tow and another loss of work.  My credit card is maxed. I had to take money out of my taxes for my land.

Taxes are due this month. Now I don’t have any money.

My hunting club dues where up a month after my husband I lost membership there too.

They don’t care if my husband died and I spent all my money they wanted the money

So now with my taxes you know land tax is even worse they will just take your house

Every time I had when into my husband’s my cars trying to pay off my credit card Disaster after disaster

My job won’t give me a raise and they’re making my life miserable.. Because  My boss quit so they demoted me and discredit it me to the other supervisors making me a joke.

I’m already crawling on my knees I don’t wanna get up Anymore…. I don’t have body heating oil so I keep on taking money out of my taxes to put money into the heat so I could shower and stay warm


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