I'm bored. Yep, once again up at almost 3 a.m. Oh well, it's alright. Like I said before, it affords me a little time alone in peace and quiet ~ except for Jewel and Zoey (2 of our cats) screaming and howling at each other, lol. I had to take Zoey back downstairs and leave her there because she couldn't behave herself. The culprit? A scratchpad I bought for them today to share. Sheesh.

Today most of the flu bug seems to be going away in the household. We're still coughing and sneezing, but really just minor irritations compared with 2 days ago. I actually think we may get to join our families for Thanksgiving! (I don't know if I'm excited about that really or not ~ but hey, I like using the exclamation point, so sue me!) LOL

I wonder why 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. seem to be such a strange period of sleep (or lack thereof) for me. I'm not really certain what's going on. I DID take a 3 hour nap today though because I've been tired due to the flu, so maybe that's the answer…

It is COLD here! (Another exclamation point!) It should be about 42 degrees by 7 a.m. That's pretty chilly for Florida. I'm so glad I found my awesome coat at the thrift store for $3.50 last week. And it's irridescent purple/red ~ I'm in love with it. Rain, snow, and cold proof! Not that I should have to worry about snow here, but it's only November and it's in the 40's, so that tells me we're going to have a hard winter compared with what we normally get. And I know everyone else is getting nailed anywhere north of us. Truthfully I'm nervous for all of my friends that live anywhere between Northern Georgia to Canada. Please take care of yourselves and stay out of dangerous situations if you can. These storms coming up the east coast are plain old bad news (but I'm sure you all know that anyhow). Years like this we usually receive some very hard freezes here, but rarely snow. I guess we'll find out one way or another. And truthfully, it's such a rarity that it would be fine with me. I haven't seen any in so many years…at least 12. I can't believe it ~ Jewel actually just peed on the counter all over some paperwork to mark her territory even though Zoey's downstairs! Ugh!!! We're going to have to figure out something serious I guess (sigh). SMH. Anyhow, now that I've cleaned up the cat urine I guess I'll try to get back to sleep. Wish me luck. And a happy Thanksgiving to all! <3


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