Hi everyone. I just wanted to say sorry if I haven't responded to you; I haven't been on here in quite some time. I've been going thru some huge changes lately, many of them hard, including coming to terms that me & my Ty are no longer together so we have to stop acting like we are as hard as it may be. I was struggling with the fact that I now have no one to hold or comfort me on my down days, for the first time in 4 years. In saying that, I want to be single & I know this is for the best even tho I still love him dearly. He is my first true love & I can't imagine being with anyone else. He is still my best friend so it was extremely hard for me when he told me he was moving in 2 days. The move wa expected, but not that soon.

So lately I have been extremely sick. At first I thought it was just a stomach flu with the normal nausea, vomitting, etc. Then I got a wicked sore throat & couldn't talk. I was told by my doctor it was just viral & will go away on it's own. I wasn't so sure & thought it was strep, but if it was the flu I was getting over I supposed it was viral. A couple days later it struck 10x worse than before with nausea, shivers, chills, & high grade fever that got up to 104.3 F. Next day I went to the ER where after questioning, examining, a swab, tons of blood, & an X-ray later I was told that I have severe sepsis from untreated strep & would need to be hooked up with some sticky pads & to an IV for fluids & antibiotics. So that's what I've been dealing with lately & I feel like death, which I guess is normal considering there is infection running thru every capillary in my body. Blood pressure was so low they were keeping a real eye on me, but thankfully it went up enough where they let me go home. 🙂 Hope this is over real soon! So incredibly drained.

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  1. sorrowfulpoet 10 years ago

    I can imagine you are feeling drained. Either one of those things is an ordeal by itself, so having both things happen at once? That's crazy and difficult to deal with.

    Comrfort is never an easy thing to find, especially in other people. Try and find a way to comfort yourself and be strong. I know that is REALLY difficult, and sometimes forget to do that myself, but if we can manage to be strong for ourselves, and that lets us find strength to share with others. Keep fighting the good fight. Keep your heart open to caring, and who knows what will happen.


    But for now? I imagine getting some rest and recovering is most important.



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