Well, things are happening.

My entire month off has been largely blown… didn't get what I feel I really needed; a respite to somewhere peaceful. On the other hand, have been getting some things done for myself, including trying to brew some ale for the first time.

Weather has buoyed me. It's been gorgeous. September has been more like a late August… good thing since August and July were pretty much crap.

My friend with borderline personality disorder has finished her one year therapy and with her boyfriend (that she has managed to keep a relationship with over the last 4 months) have found a house to rent. She moves out on Saturday.

I've mixed feelings on the move. I really have wanted her to get going both for her and for me, but I will miss her presence. But it is what I want… being alone will help push me to get out there or push me off a cliff, but it will have an effect, and I can't keep living as a loner.

My teaching of my adult learner has ended as of yesterday. The young guy has a learning disablity and after 10 months, getting him through the driver's manual and studying the manual with him, I've done all I can do. He still has only partial comprehension of the book, but I hope that after doing the practice tests, he will be able to get his driver's beginners permit.

I've registered back into the local university. Come January I hope to be taking up 2 courses, both economic courses. So for the next few months, I'll continue busting my butt at the Y, continue brewing beer, and begin studying math and economics. At some point this fall, I need to date. Period. Regardless of what I've said about friends and social skills, I need to date soon. I have to know that some women see me as a man.

Is there a thing called a social gene? Is it nature or nurture or a little of both? Just saw a 61 year old dude talking (flirting) with a 20 something gal on my apartment building steps. She looked pretty 'into' the interaction. I don't know squat about it. I likely never will.

Peace y'all


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