Happy Easter anyone that reads this.

I ended up going to my friends place for a good friday lunch, and I must say I actually enjoyed it. My friends aunt was there, who makes a MEAN seafood salad, and allowed me to take some home with me.

We were talking about when i’ll have kids, and kids being the general topic as my friend is pregnant. My best friends mum, Kathy, said that she recons that i’ll have kids when i’m 27! omg, i want kids much sooner than that.

I was thinking about this alot today. Like seriously thinking about it, and I have decided that i’m going to try and loose some weight first, then, i seriously want to get pregnant. The only problem about that is I’m not actually dating anyone atm. But really that doesn’t matter. Things change.

I know some people are going to think that i’m stupid for doing it, but it’s something that i have really wanted for a long time. I have always wanted kids, and I definatly want to have my first before i’m 30. I’d love to have one before i’m 25.. but i’m not going to get my hopes up too much, the sooner the better i think.

I’m not selfish about this, and i’m not being stupid. I’m not doing it for "the money" or to be unconditionally loved. I’m doing it as i genuinally want to bring some children into this world. I think i’d be a good mum. I really do. I don’t care what others thoughts are on this to be honest. Its something that i have set my heart on for a long time. I’m not too young, i’ll be 23 soon so I think i’m ready to seriously concider having babies. I know its a big responsibility. I know that its not something to be blazen about.

While i’m overweight, i know it will be harder for me to get pregnant, so that is the first step, As of tomorrow i’m going on a diet. I want this soo much.


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