Everytime I rant to friends about how things aren’t fair that’s the answer I get, "who told you life was going to be fair?"

Okay, so its not fair and its never going to be, but does that mean I’m supposed to just deal and not be frustrated by that fact of life?

This week was a very tough one.  On Monday afternoon my boss tells me that we are going to have a "meeting" the next day with my other supervisor and when I asked she said that yes, there were some "issues". So Tuesday comes and the meeting is actually a review and not a good one. Never in my life have I been told the things that they told me that day about my performance at work.  Not to toot my own horn but I’m a damn good employee. I work hard, do pretty much anything I’m asked, rarely miss work and  while I may not always have a smile on my face, I’m not a complainer.

Oh sure, I’m not perfect. I check my personal email at work and may browse online a bit but geez, not nearly as much as many of the people around me.  I make mistakes but I’ve never cost the organization money and nothing I have ever done has caused anyone more work except me.

So its not fair. But what am I supposed to do about it?  Finding a new job in this economy is tough and I don’t want to just run away from the situation. I can only do my best but if that’s not good enough for them, what then?

And so the frustration and anger and unfairness of it all just builds and builds and I have nowhere to put it.  There is no resolution. There is no help. Counseling is too expensive and the medication only takes lessens the feelings of utter dispair. So where to turn…

So here I am on this site praying that I can find some answers to how to find happiness and some contentment in my life. Is there hope? Well, there isn’t fairness, but maybe hope exists. We’ll see.


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  1. virus 12 years ago

        I got some answers but you”re not going to like them.   

        When the U.S. realized that we were really ”stuck” with Obama they tried to figure out just what each individual person, or business could possibly do to attempt to survive ”Obamanomicks”.  To just zero in on a couple things, first, would be health care, if it is provided by the company, that is.  They would try to get rid of the employees that cost the most in the health care department.  Anybody with any form of mental illness, would be the first to go.  Oh yea,  Of course we know that”s illegal, but it is done every day by those who are concerned with those things.  Next would be the ones that require a lot of ”meds”.  Oh yea, we know that”s illegal also.  Burt the truth of the matter is, when a company is providing health care costs, it is very expensive for the company to do that.  And when they look at the record to see which employees are costing them the most.  Guess what???

       If you are upset because you are in the group that may get layed off because of your health problems, just be glad that you”re not in the older group who no longer get their meds or even expensive operations, ”cuz they”re going to die soon anyhow…  So, if you”re ever looking for more ”good words” you know where you can find me…

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