So…. I kind of screwed up my wrist the other day…. I was in a mad rampage because my mother went over to her boyfriend's house… again… She's always over there. I was more mad at myself because when she asked if I was okay with her going over there, I just nodded my head and said that I was fine. She asked this a couple times and I continued to say I was fine… but I wasn't. So when she left I got so mad, I started crying a punching everything that was in my way. The next day, around 3rd period, my hand started hurting like hell and had swelled a bit…. That was fun…. So now, my hand is encased in a wrap, unable to move. It's weird because it hurts like hell to move it but my wrist feels stiff sometimes, making me have this great urge to twist it and move it around… It sucks…. I don't know how long it is going to be on but it's been on since Friday and it is now Sunday and it still hurts like Hell…. I should get it checked out but that is my mothers decision… I guess…

Today was fun though… I woke up to yelling and screaming that my mother was providing. I calmly walk out of my room and eat some cinnimon rolls while my mother and brother (and my mother's boyfriend's kids) are argueing over anything they could argue about. I was eating really slowly and then I slowly get dressed in my room, still saying nothing and hearing them yell at each other. This 'conversation' was paused a couple of times so that everyone could calm down but they ended up yelling at each other no matter what. My mother cried three times, my brother cried once, and I cried three times (and I wasn't even in the f-ing conversation!) They were just being so hatefully and mean towards each other. My brother wanted to go to his dad's which made me cry because, no matter how annoying he is, I still love him to death. I just wanted them to shut up and get along….. It was just such a hetic day this morning….


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