Hi im 18 yrs old but I look like 15 and act like..well…let’s not talk about it… Anyways i suffer from OcD and depressioN Im really down lately and I get some suici*al thoughts here and there my life sucks it’s always been that way but last two years were terrible I’ve been diagnosed with OCD and im on meds and thearpy  they hardly work at all … I kinda wanna give up I just can’t anymore I feel worthless and helpless! ;( I kinda wanna die already I just wanna go to sleep one night and not wake up the next morning. My life has become so bad I hardly go oot of my house i have almost no social life i feel like a loser its become  so bad i cant even go to a grocery on the corner of my street without being nervous af !! my brother just got engaged and we had a party to celebrate i was there . I was nervous af i was litteraly trembling my heart was racing i could hardly breath i felt like im gonna faint i was so scared i hope no one noticed i tried to act like nothing happend i hope no one noticed. I just can’t anymore I wanna give up ;( I wanna just sit in a dark cold room and cry forever ;(  I feel like my life is over ruined no hope left I kinda feel like a piece if sh1t I can’t anymore I just can’t!!!!!!    I feel terrible inside out I feel ugly and a lost case I wish the pain ends already… Idk what to do I feel terrible inside out I kinda feel like a bug which someone has stepped on or like im hanging on a thread from the 70th building of a skyscraper… Rip me                       Writing with tears: the biggest loser ever
  1. icecreamboy 4 years ago

    i know it feels crappy now, but you need to give a little time for the meds to work. ive taken anti depressants for like two years and didnt feel like they helped so i stopped for a little while and i learned that without them i am way worse and that they actually help a lot. so like you can feel terrile but maybe you feel better than you used to ??? im so bad at trying to comfort poeple. im here to talk if you just want to vent to someone ^u^

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  2. ucfdarkknight 4 years ago

    I agree with IceCreamBoy, give the meds time to work. I recently got back on meds myself and I remember when I first started taking them I also thought they weren’t helping. But now, two months later I do realize I’m in a better place. It’s still not great and I still feel depressed here and there, but definitely not where I used to be.

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