Hello all. This is a first. An Early Morning Post. Yeah, wierd, huh? haha

Life is pretty weird in the best of times, my experience… but as you might have expected from the last post, I am back on the medicine again. Can't explain it, but people came out of the woodwork in this physical realm around me, and I ended right back at the pharmacy picking up my script.

I'm up early thanks to sleeping in the "bright" room and bad little doggies that walk on me, and peer right up into my face when "it's time." haha little devils…

I love names. Went to the Pagan Site and received an anagram name, the last part being CelticEmber. Isn't that beautiful and so very fitting. I have very definite Celtic roots and none else… isn't that lovely?

It is funny, that word pagan. Not sure if I totally fit the bill because I do believe in Source Energy, Divine Creator… hard to completely deny my Christian roots, and also I am a bit of a science nut; I just love physics and the people who study it…

So, just here to tell you that when things seem really really bad, they probably are, and only you have the power and the right to change it. However long it may take, start with the first tiny step and just keep going. It's all you have to do. I find it hard at times not to be influenced by people around me. But it's a learning process to define your rules, boundaries and limitations – yes, I'm a huge Cesar Millan fan… 🙂

Yesterday a man told me that my home is an external reflection of my mind… boy that was some harsh reality… haha But today I think I can work on that… with a different attitude. This site has always been a source of brilliant inspiration as I find the people here to be the dearest on earth. I never feel judged, as so often on other sites… At least here we are facing the music, and making positive steps toward evolving, whatever road we take…. right?

ok, then, hope everyone has a great day. I am off to try some of that good commercial grade coffee…. yech… someday, I hope I can lounge around on my amazing back porch and sip on organic Grade A coffee bean from some gorgeous tropical mountain top… yeah, with my diamond ring and fur coat… bleh…..

ok, then bebbehs, all, it's not so bad, just go with it… don't fight it so much… lighten up… it's not so bad… it's just not… Love, light and peace all! New Pagan name is Calpiel – bearer of the water vessel… ok, that makes about 8 different names now for me… lots of hats to wear, I guess…. kind of fitting, actually, many different aspects to one soul… good thing I'm so grounded…. later, gators… peace out


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