So yeah I love NA. I used to believe in it. You know the whole group conscience thing,our second tradition. I my opinion  THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE because without group conscience we get tyrants who want to run things and that is not good. Jimmy K himself stepped down as chairman in the very beginning so as to avoid this very thing. {I know this for a fact cause I have a speech of his} So what does one do when there is a call for a speaker for a function and a cd is given to the GSR and in the business meeting the cd is never mentioned?? And the gsr's sponsor wants to speak also??? HHHMMMM sounds a lil fishy to me but this man does have ESH to share but what about group conscience???? What about that cd that never got mentioned in the voting process????Sounds like a violation of the 2nd Tradition to me.  O.K. so now we fast forward 3 months this homegroup sponsored activity is coming up and we are trying to decide on a band for our function. A visitor to our group just so happens to be a PROFESSIONAL musician who has many contacts that are also PROFESSIONAL musicians that are also in recovery.Well he offers to get a few of his friends together to play our lil shindig for really cheap and the group sounds really interested in this revelation. Now dont take me the wrong way on this Cause I fully support up n coming musicians as I am aspiring myself.So anyways there is this up n coming band in our area that plays great music has agreed to play for us and someone who has been for getting this band from the beginning makes a phone call {without group conscience} and lets our PROFESSIONAL musician know not to bother putting his guys together..God I wish I could tell Y'all who this band is lmao!!!!So another violation has occurred of the 2nd Tradition with my homegroup in 3 months. So I am now kinda wondering what else may be going on "behind the scenes"{behind the groups back}..Needless to say I have keys to 2 meetings and carry extra key tags and literature to all the meetings{the group approved this} as I make all 4 of our meetings faithfully every week.Well that changes tonite as I am a Traditionalist I love NA and wont stand by while this is going on,so tonight My wife and I will be resigning from our homegroup. What really sucks is tonight is the business meeting when this local band will undoubtedly get voted in due to this sneaky move made by some of our members. My wife and I are also getting our 1 year medallions. Ouch hows that for an uncomfortable situation. But this addict is coming up oldschool and when the time comes will bring his sponsee's up oldschool too. Because thats the way it was meant to be…….So far as I am concerned Jimmys way is the only way and I will continue on my quest for historical  information regarding Jimmys hopes and dreams for our fellowship. I will not stop my search for the truth until I get what I am seeking. And that is my word.Please if you have any knowledge or documentation you would like to share with a newcomer who wants to know the TRUTH behind NA you can contact me at [email protected]        Thanks to all who read this and please for your own recovery get involved stick your nose in and ask questions this is the only way our fellowship will survive!!!!                                                                                                                       

                                   BIG{{{HUGSSS}}}                                       An Addict named John                                                               



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