That time of year is around again.
The time of year when greedy people fight at stores to buy that one special person a special gift that will land them in jail, the hospital, or worse.
How can Christmas be merry when everyone is fighting over who buys what, or who got the better gift.
Capitalism seems to have ruined the whole thing.
“Come join us at our Christmas Sale-abration!!”
Yes, that’s right. We guarantee that we have one of what the five of you want, so we can be entertained by watching the five of you fight over that one item. The one left living gets the news that while the fight was going on, another person bought the item, and it’s now SOLD OUT!!!
Serves them right.
Christmas music has become awful, too.
How many times has grandma been hit by that reigndeer?
I’m guessing 999,999,999 times now.
Or twice that.
Pop stars take old Christmas classics, and ruin them.
If you’re gonna cover a Christmas song, at least respect the style it was meant to be sung in.
If you want to ruin a song, MAKE IT FUNNY, AND TASTFUL, PLEASE!!!
Now, why is Christmas on December 25?
Christ wasn’t born then.
Christ was born sometime in the autumn.
December 25 was another holiday that was taken over by Christianity.
Rome was good at taking holidays and changing them.
Some people celebrate Christmas simply because of Santa Clause.
Saint Nicholas gave gifts all year long, and was imprisoned for that.

Forget Christmas and give gifts all year long.
Celebrate Christ’s birthday on his birthday.
Don’t shoot up the store because someone else bought the last stupid item.
Lastly… Don’t buy me anything for Christmas, accepting maybe a pizza, and a Coke.

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  1. dr_fruikenstein 16 years ago

    I just think Christmas should be celebrated for what it truly is, and not commercialized.
    I’m fed up with all the fighting about who can buy the better gift.
    Then, when gifts are opened, people tend to fight over who got the better gift.
    We don’t need a holiday to give gifts.
    Gifts should be given all year long.
    Celebrating Christ’s birth should be done all the time, also.
    Hearing a classic Christmas song, re-done as a dance mix is just wrong.
    Why should music be ruined in that way?
    I’d take a pizza, and a Coke any time of the year.

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