Juice Fast – Day 5*

 Ok people. This is officially the longest fast I’ve ever been on. I could really get used to this though. The fresh, organic juice concoctions. The clarity of mind. I could do this for a month I tell you! And might. Not this time though. My guy is starting to get antsy. He doesn’t quite get it. He’s a “it-has-worked-for-me-since-I-was-20-so-why-change?” kind of guy. It’s so cute when he tries to be right about everything. One very interesting thing is he’s lost weight since I’ve been on this fast. I’m not cooking(much) or drinking with him & he looks goooood. He rides his bike everywhere and has soccer legs. Yummy. Actually he’s lost a lot of weight since I moved in. More fish & veggies, less meat & sour cream. 

I woke up this morning @ 8am. There was 4 inches of freshly fallen snow outside my window. I relished the quiet of my guy’s breathing, the warmth of our blankets & the song of the birds. That’s right, birds! The first sign of spring! And I had been having a sexy dream about you know who. No, not Mark Ruffalo, my guy. I felt happy and kept that going till he woke up. Up and at ‘em. My head is remarkably clear. No hunger only thirst. The radiators dry me out. But I have 2 gallons of nice filtered water always at the ready. I smiled and walked up to the jug and patted it on top. My friend. The honey is too but I just talked to it. My headache has gone away replaced with my third eye opening up. That stitch I was having a few days ago has turned into something very positive. I think I’m about to go poop. Hooray! Yes, this is a good read. Tell your friends I’m going poopy. I burped for the 1st time in 5 days. Ha ha. Aahhh, how I’m loving this. But I am missing the texture of food in my mouth and what I wouldn’t do for a big bag of cheese doodles. Well, for starters I wouldn’t feel all gross and fall back into my old habits. And they die hard, don’t they?  I managed to get all the impulse food out of the house before I started so it wouldn’t be there when I’m done. Just fish, veggies & club soda. And honey. Lots of honey.

I’ve been cold the last few days. It’s cold outside yes but I’m inside and sitting on my hands. It’s not normal for me to be cold at 70º. Thank Goddess for electric blankets. What I think is; it’s because the only iron I’m getting is from my Multi-Vitamin. The only thing that helps is Power Yoga. I’m incredibly clumsy so I work up a real sweat just trying to balance. Yoga is such a blessing. All my life I’ve never been able to tilt my head backwards without sharp shooting pain. Not anymore. You know that move where you’re on your back, arms outstretched, knees bent to one side & you twist your head to the other? Yeah, that one. It sounded like the door to a haunted house just opened. I felt the bones move back where they belong. I’m a huge fan of massage, who isn’t, but if you don’t get the bones righted the muscles will just pull them out again. The cracks are so satisfying. If I can give you anything through this let it be about hand & foot massage. The blood vessels in your extremities are numerous & crowded. The paths your blood has to take have many twists & turns and toxins are deposited, trapped. Just like the Cumberland River. It’s so twisty and real smelly. Rub someone’s feet and tell me they didn’t just fall in love with you. You’d be lyin’! Get a loofah and scrub scrub scrub. Move that blood around! Breathe deep the gathering blooms. 

Looking back doing spell check I hear such a positive person. I HAVE been practicing. And the meds are working. What you can conceive is what you can achieve, right? This is what I do : I take the most beautiful  images and put that out there. No one wants to hear the bad stuff, right? I joke make light goof around so I don’t have to go back to the place where life is all regrets & self-destruction. That maybe is avoidance but I always say ‘fake it till you make it.’ If I didn’t have the support system I have now, my guy, my Psychopharmacologist (yeah I got a twofer), my meds & this site I don’t know what I’d do. I’m blessed so I better start acting like it, dammit! I’m half way to the end of my fast. I’ve lost weight. My eyes aren’t puffy & dark anymore. I’m wearing the jeans that were so tight 2 weeks ago my circulation was cut off. I need a belt now. Also, I’m dreaming again. Last one was me at a concert of a friend. I’m backstage. The crowd is expecting some generally mellow music and he comes out all bald head & leather and gives them the what what. I called to give him some new lyrics.

Okay, gotta go. The fish aren’t going to feed themselves. Thanks for listening. Leave me a comment. It makes me happy. 

*I am not a licensed medical anything. Do your research & see a doctor before doing any drastic cleanse.

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  1. lisaemc2 10 years ago

     The feet are up in arms! Squeeze us! Squeeze us! Right? Same things are important to me. I wouldn't be with a guy who wasn't adventurous mentally, physically, gastronomically (gotta have my sushi! Uni anyone?). Doesn't know & isn't willing to learn to give a massage. Doesn't like jazz or classical music. I mean who ARE these guys? I guess their mamas didn't teach 'em no better. Klaus, he'll only listen to jazz or classical in the house, not in the car. He likes his meat but he will eat anything I put in front of him. We hike, bike, scuba & travel to strange little places like Andenächt, Germany. I really lucked out. We plan on never getting married though. We're both kinda against the whole idea. Neither of us has money & I can't have kids so what would be the point? Actually the state of Massachusetts recognizes common law marriage. Loophole. We love each other & we'll be together until we get sick of one another. Then we'll only have to separate the CDs. Which I don't think will ever happen. Not as long as he gives my back muscles the what for! I once broke up with a guy coz he didn't like Frank Zappa. Another because he kept saying "yepper" Yuk!

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