I guess this means certain things have got a bit better then. I'm still finding it hard with the routine. But I have an actual notebook dedicated to budgeting now…and I'm sat here drinking fruit juice from the bottle, rather than alcohol. Which was on the advice of my new GP. I have had some funny looks for completely refusing to drink, but mainly people have been pretty cool.

Classes are ok, I guess. I just need to get used to them again and I'll be fine. But uni isn't anything like I thought it'd be. For one, I thought everyone would be really uptight about everything, like in school or like my dad is (not in a bad way, but anyone who knows him would probably agree…). No. Aside from awaiting a refund for about three months worth of rent I have actually had a pretty decent week.

I did go home without telling my parents. But I suppose they need to get used to the fact that I am trying to have an adult life, and let me visit who I want. It's just, I wouldn't want anyone to get offended. Not that they'd show it or anything. But, I have people I know and care about there. And I guess it's only natural I'd want to visit them. It's just, you can never be sure people won't take things the wrong way, when there's loads going on.

Then, today I went bouldering. Bouldering is a form of climbing, but with different kinds of walls and absolutely no safety equipment. Oh my goodness It Is Perfect. It's been ages since I had to focus like that. I mean, I am going to want a proper pair of my own shoes for bouldering, but I think I have found how I want to spend my Wednesday afternoons lol.


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