I’m trans living in Texas in Trump’s America.  I’m over 40 with a patchy resume, bad knees, horrible depression/anxiety, no savings, and currently, no job.

I’ve been self-isolating since February 2019.  I was finally starting to get better and then someone unleashed a plague and now EVERYTHING is jacked up.

I haven’t felt safe since that worthless sack of shit got elected President.  I’ve always been afraid of religious fundamentalists, but now I literally fear for my life.  How long till Dan Patrick tries to throw me in a cage?

Jobs are bullshit.  I had a decent one once.   The money wasn’t great but it was at least a fun place to spend my time.  Then management changed and that was the end of that.  Empty promises and no future.

And now everything on the job boards reads like a scam.  There are things I can do, but I have ZERO idea how to let people know I can do them, much less make money from them.  I have a family and I’m feeling more and more like a burden – the longer this goes on the more worthless I feel.

My point is that I don’t have any hope.  I can’t deal with all this meanness going on right now and I don’t see it ending anytime soon.





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