It's been a quiet week. The PC is back up to full power after one or two hiccups on the way. The good news is one of my games for which I thought I had lost all my game data (about 20 hours worth of playing) stores it's data directly in documents, which I keep on a different drive and it found it all again. Still got to replay the rest of them, which is variously tedious and refreshing.

Think I might be coming down with a cold. I was sneezing yesterday and am again today. With the chronic fatigue, you always feel that kind of background grot that indicates the start of a cold, so it's hard for me to know the difference.

As far as mood goes, it hasn't been too bad. I've managed to keep suicidal ideation down to about one a day and then only fleeting. Often then it has been that I was only thinking it out of habit and actually reflecting on the thought as it occurred made me wonder where it came from in the first place as I wasn't actually feeling that bad at the time (I should rephrase that into a sentence, but I can't be arsed).

So, in summary, not a bad week. Mood at worst only just below the line and often above.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow though. I have to be up early and face a choice of public transport or a 4.18 mile (aren't direction finders wonderful?) cycle journey to the hospital. It’s just a routine follow-up appointment from surgery last year: I had a recurrent pleomorphic adenoma removed. It's harmless in itself, but left unchecked it usually turns cancerous, especially if recurrent. I have no problem with being at hospital, just getting there and back. If I had a spare £20 I'd get a taxi, but I don't. Such is life.

So I guess that wraps it up for me. In the words of the late Irish comedian, Dave Allen, "Goodnight and may your God go with you."


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