Sorry guys, been missing in action for some time. They say when it rains pours. lol

I'm now working on a project in my kitchen on having to replace my counter tops. My son had a little mishap in the kitchen which set fire to the back splash and the wall behind the stove top.
Yeah, he was stressing out over something and the phone rang [one of his friends] and he forgot he had a frying pan with oil on the stove..which caught on fire and set fire to the back splash and the wall. I was so glad we were home when it happened. My son got so scared and just froze. I just painted the kitchen too..dang nabit and now the ceiling and walls are black. Geez, if he didn't like the color I could have changed sure would have cost a whole lot less. lol

But other than that, everything is fine with me and hubby ..we got over the hump in the road. I think the hardest part for me was getting over the hurt and  not falling into that victim mode. Once that happens you find yourself finding fault in every situation and the world seems to be out to get ya. ..when the guy is just trying to make a left turn. LMAO I crack myself up sometimes. Ok, most of the time.

So, I had to step out of the box and put things right again and let go and let God do the rest. ANd I wanted to thank you girls for your prayers…I felt them and I knew you had me in your hearts because you came to mind and I felt the peace of God come pouring over me. Prayer is very powerful and I thank God for my Godly friends. It's the greatest gift and all I can say is…"God, plz blessed them back a thousand times over."

I'll be back on Friday night. I need to catch up with you guys and see how everyone is doing, read everyone blogs…which I hope everyone has been doing or I'll be in the dark.  [smack]

Be blessed everyone…missed you! {{{HUGS}}} Jackie~


  1. cherishchae 13 years ago

    Oh My! I'm glad you guys are o.k. You gave me a scare. Is your son o.k.? I'm sure he was in big shock. Take care of him and send him my love. Shit happens, at least be thankful nobody got really hurt. Love Ya Sis.

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  2. edcuzz 13 years ago

    It's good to see that you are back! Glad to hear that you are alright. Sorry to hear about the fire. Thank god nobody was hurt. I'm glad you caught it before it caused more damage. All the best!


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