I'm on Clonazepam. I really dont have much of a choice. I am 2 1/2 hours from my doctors appointment. My door isnt locking. So this means I have to stay here in till things get fix. Today is the day I am suppose to run out of medication. I stopped a few days ago, I now have 5 days supply "in case."

I would not recomend this for anyone. I have read alot of bad bad stories. I just happen to be a pretty good one….so far. Not to many people write about the good ones. Peoples body are all diffrent and handle things diffrent.

The only thing I am having truouble with is my breathing again. The reason why I took it in the first place. My breathing is scary enough alone, I am less afraid of withdrawl then my breathing.

I get a slight headache and heat flashes once in awhile while walking around. My face gets kind of itchy. Last night I felt like I came off of an acid trip. Where your no longer tripping/high but your awake and feel the energy burn right before you crash out. It's not a horrible feeling.Sometimes a bit surreal.

I really wish I could of made my appointment. I have high stress coming my way. My brand new furnished apt, the girl took everything in it. I have to make a police report today.

Forth of July I had to call the police because someones dog was hit by a car and the girl was laying in the middle of the road.I thought she got hit, I counldnt understand her. She spoke polish.

Yesterday my new stove arrived from Lowes.My beloved stove I adored died. I got the top of the top of the electric line. It doesnt work and i cant get a workmen here in till the 17th !!! I already went two weeks with out a stove. Its not like I have fast food down the block. I am currently in the countryside.

I have work coming on the 10th. Always a trigger. Also Trying to get the contrators here to fix my basment door since late may. The door doesnt lock and it floods ancle deep. all the antiqes have been RUINED. Also the where to fix my garden , now july, i lost alot of my plants to animals.

I am doing this all with out my medication so my breathing proublems are back. i have my period and posion ivy to top it of

what will be , will be i gusse

  1. veritas144k 11 years ago

    life is on tough sob!

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  2. kittyblu 11 years ago

    ? huh ? I am not understanding you V

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