I'm 17 and have felt this way for a few years. Normal people worry, I literally stress over every tiny detail of my day and sometimes don't want to face the world.

Hey. My and my ex dated for three months. We knew each other two years before hand but didnt get to know each other.

We started dating for three months I spent Christmas with him at his mums and he spent my birthday with me.

However we are at different sixth forms and didnt have a lot of time for each other.

On New Year's Eve he went to a party that he'd known about for a while. The next day I asked him if we could spend more time together and if he could put more effort into the relationship. We fought about it.

The arguement lasted a while because he then said he needed time to think about a relationship. He came to my house on the day before the Christmas holidays ended and said we still could work. We agreed that I needed to try less and give him some space and he needed to make more of an effort and try.

The next two weeks we both had exams. I gave him space but wished him good luck. He didnt talk to me. I went to his house as a surprise and he said he hadn't been fair and because of the pressure of uni he didn't want to put me through any pain.

He didnt blame me only himself for it. He said it was just bad timing.

But hes deleted my number and y facebook, when i asked him why he just said we could still be friends.

Aprrently hes really pissed at me :/ this was my first boyfriend.

I have had other guys interested but they use me for sexual stuff over the internet. I hate it, and i stress that im never gonna be good enough for anyone :/

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