I sit here and wonder where to begin. I feel like my life is a whirlwind of emotions, and actions, that account for my anxiety issues. I’m constantly wondering if I look okay, do I have enough money, and how I can get things done. I focus on what I’m supposed to be doing rather than actually accomplishing the task at hand. I also sit and day dream over what I will eventually (hopefully) accomplish rather than just ACCOMPLISHING IT! I am not without support; in fact, I have more support than any one person deserves. I am 25 years old, a waitress, and am in school. I constantly wonder how I will finish with great grades, and will keep my financial aid. I also worry about moving from my parent’s house, and affording a wonderful home with my husband. We both argue at times, but I know he is wonderful. I’m jealous of his abilities to understand emotional situations and react accordingly. I feel that I am on top of my emotions, then I am put into a situation with a very frustrating man and lose control. It’s not his fault, because he sees things in a different way than I do. I just feel that my control over the situation will be lost, I will lose the argument, and that aspect of my life will be thrown into the anxiety pitfall like all the others. What do I do? Who do I talk to? I know I have my husband I could go to, but I’m always worried that I will look so silly asking for help. Even when I do ask for help, I scarcely know where to begin. How do I begin a conversation I don’t want to have in the first place? What do I say to someone who I feel has more of a grasp on these issues than I do, yet I feel I need to compete with at times? I feel ridiculous most of my life.

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  1. bonita 5 years ago

    First you have either a husband or yoou have a partner. Separately you are beautiful people but together you might be amazing. Give him a chance to rescue yoou like the prince he is. If you want a long meaningful, rewarding relationship then you also need to be vulnerable and allow your man to be your man and not be just this guy in your life. Another thought I want you to put into your head is that “YOU ARE PERFECT JUST AS YOU ARE”. We are all on a journey of discovery and wwe need to make mistakes and blunder and screw up so we can learn to be a better version of ourselves tomorrow but worry only about today as tomorrow will look after itself. Replace the “Not Good Enough” conversation in your head with “What Kind Of Trouble Can I get Into Today”. Make it fun as living is supppose to be fun and exciting as you reinvent yourself every single day. I hope that this helps even just a little bit. Big hugs to you

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