Whoa! I can't belive how long its been since i've been on the tribe.


My world fell apart and I rebuilt it slowly brick by brick . I still have holes in the walls. Pitfalls where I have to drag myself back up to where I can breathe but in many ways I am getting better a little at a time. I finally asked foe help for my depression. I am not certain I am happy with the process so far as it unfortunately has yet to offically start but I have taken the steps and that MATTERS!

I have also found a new hobby gardening!! Well allotmenting. I can go out on the site and it is mucky and slippy and grey and raining and I will stillleave feelign better than I did when i was at home. Even when i'm ill (like now) I feel so much better when i'm there. The air is cleaner, its quiet but not the still hollow silence of loneliness but the silence of peace of birds and wind and water. I dont obsess about food or work or anything when i'm there i'm in the zone and I just take it cool and get what I can done. Only once in 3 months have I been there and been disheartened. i honestly can't say the same for anywhere else on my usual day to day existence.

Taking these steps have been hards and getting out of the pitfalls like the one i'm in now have been even harder but i have been trying TRIBERS not to fall all the way not to rebuild but to mend the holes already in place and I hope with all my heart all you TRIBERS out there are doing the same. 

Quote of the YEAR! Courage – never turn your back on fear. It should always be in front of you, like a thing that might have to be killed.

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  1. inac 13 years ago

    I hope that you keep on feeling better! 🙂

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