I dunno what to say I am, but I am on the verge of a mental/nervous breakdown/panic attack My OCD is bothering me like crazy and nothing seems to be helping it doesn’t seem to help much that people do not know when to leave you alone when you are not doing well. But they keep bothering you to the point where you feel sick.


I am talking about a poster on here that has been harrassing me(Shawn leave me alone. It was a mitake to give you my #, do not call me, stop emailing, stop leaving me posts, stop commenting on blog, stop telling me you have me as screen saver, stop telling me other people are saying nasty things about me. stop contacting myspace account. Calling 10-15 times in one day is harrasment.I am sorry I gave you the idea. I want to be friends, but sometimes I have trouble saying NO! the answer is freakin NO! I emailed you last week that I said do NOT CONTACT AT ANY LEVEL or I would call the police I do not want to call the police, but I don’t know what to do

I am not the most stable individual.

Maybe I am nervous about thanksgiving. I have no one to talk and I am in distression.  I need to talk someone verbally.

And there is not point of leaving a message on my shrinks voice mail. I talked to my cousin and I feel like if I talked to her again. I will be dumping 🙁

My Body dismoprhic disorder is bothering me as well.

Sometimes you can not help, but just CRY. Somtimes life is easier hospitalized. But it might help some if you leaved me alone SHAWN AND stop trashing me to other members. I have feelings. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

My OCD would be bothering me anyway, but the anxiety of all this is not helping matters. I am also mad at myself because my therapist tells me I can prevent some of my own issues without getting involved with people that are not good for me.


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