Okay, so hi. Okay so, some people picture themselves in their mind, thats normal. But.. when I do it, I have an extra body part, a penis. And I bought this sports bra and it makes me look flat chested. I liked the look of me not having boobs. At first I ignored it all, I thought every teenager went through it, that it was normal. So I ignored it.. But then it kept bothering me. (I’m not transphobic, its just sorta new to me and I’m very confused) So I messaged one of my friends and he said he didn’t know what it was, just to stop picturing myself. But I already had the picture in my head. He told me to ask my other friend, his boyfriend, he’s trans. At first I didn’t understand why he told me to ask him. But then my trans friend told me that thats what he went through it, and I was like.. of course, you’re trans. And he was like yeah. I was so confused but I eventually caught on that he also thought it would be possible that I could be trans. When he told me, I sorta broke down. He asked me how I felt about he/him pronouns and I think i like the idea. He asked me if I had a name I would like to go by and I like Julian but I don’t wanna push it though.. I don’t know what it is though. I think I would like to use he/him pronouns, and I would like to have a penis and no boobs. But I’m a female though.. And it’s sorta bothering me? My family is very homo/transphobic.. When I told them I liked girls, they thought it was for attention/that is was a phase. I’m very confused and I don’t know what to do. He recommended this so.. :))

  1. derecklewis8420 3 years ago

    Hey there my beloved,

    I read your blog and I understand where you’re coming from as far as your family being homophobic and thinking that you being a lesbian is a faze. When I told my family that I liked guys, they didn’t accept it at all. Also, check out my blog at livinglifefochrist.blogspot.com, it’s about the importance of love. 🙂

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  2. Author
    cooperhanna003 3 years ago

    I’m not lesbian, at the time I was bi, but now I’m pan :)) And okay, thank you!!

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  3. utajinx 3 years ago

    I understand too…at least to an extend. I apologize for being cyptic…I can’t give references, but i can give support.

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  4. bonitoflakes 5 months ago

    hi I just read ur thing and im kinda questioning my gender and stuff too??? I feel a weird kinda detachment from she/her pronouns, but I dont feel like a dude and im so confuuuusssedddddddd
    anyways im sending support, being in a homophobic family is ass, if u ever needa talk I got u.
    lastly tho you know yourself the best, and its your identity, so if u like girls u like girls lol. 🙂

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