All couples argue. At least once.

Weall have our ways of doing it too. Sometimes we yell at each other mercilessly. Sometimes we talk things out calmly.But sometimes we prefer not to say anything. We decide that the easiest way to get over it is by ignoring it. We see a problem and instead of doing something about it we walk away from it.

This is what happened yesterday afternoon. My partner and I got in a bit of a situation. We have had financial problems for the past couple of months, but today we hit a wall. One not easy to climb. I no longer have any source of income. Now it's up to my partner to pay the bills on his own. So much pressure. Too much stress. All I had to do to avoid this from happening was attend one meeting. Just one. But I forgot about it. I did not put it in my calendar.

He raised his voice at me. He gave me a piece of his mind. And he struck a nerve. I already felt stupid from finding out about it and then he came in with his sharp yet blunt words. In les than a minute things went from bad to worse as he continued to lecture me.

I did nothing. All I could say was that I was sorry. What else was I to say?
So I ignored the problem. I kept away from it. I didn't want to disappoint him anymore so I made sure to stay out of his way. Which turned out to be not so good of an idea. He believed me to be angry at him. I wasn't angry at him. i was giving himthe space he needed. I was angry at myself.

Few many hours later we talked about it. I explained that I wasn't avoiding him or doing anything of the such. But I was making sure not to anger him any more than he already was. We spoke a bit and to my surprise he tells me had I streesed him out anymore he would have brokenup with me. I would have been very sad to hear that but during out little dispute I thoughts of just packing up and moving out raced through my head. Does that make me a bad person?

Had we not expressed ourselves verbally out relationship could have sunken out our reach.


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