Honest to god I’m not doing to well rn I can’t help but feel like I’m just a piece of shit I feel like everyone hates me everyone gets so irritated by me I don’t know what I do wrong but everything is my fault like I’m held to such a high expectation and if I can’t be the person my parents wanna mold me into then I’m just a terrible kid and I’m gonna end up homeless or some dumb shit I’m tired of being told what to do I just wanna be me and have people be ok with it.

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  1. robertjames101 6 months ago

    Heyyyy… Don’t think like that, as this will cause you some severe kind of mental illness. People used to think about certain things which actually don’t exist. So, we have to clarify that what actually exists or what is going on in life. So, plz remain patient as good days and bad days are interconnected. Your good days might be in the way and you should wait for them. So, you have to stay strong and positive!

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