hi i wonder if some one can help me here i recently split up with my gf who has some form of biopola , she went to live with her dad , in the 1st few days we spoke and decided that we didnt want to split up but she would stay there for a bit for things to calm down , i was ok with that but then things went wrong down there , from what i can gather her dad was a night mare making her feel ashamed of herself and looking at her like he was ashamed , there was some bad past between him and her mother (who has biopola) and they hate each other , then i found out her dad told her mum that she was living with him and all hell broke out , she wud ring me up and start talking to me then would go into a rage and blame me for evrything (normal for some one with this illness which i understand ) then we would not talk for days , this happened a few times but she would not come home because of her family up here and what her dad had said (i still dont know what was said ) anyway cut a long story short we started texting and in these texts she told me she was still in love with me and was hurting but thats normal (her words ?) then she said she needs to disapperar for a while but she wuold be back , she has no money no job and was not making any sence this was all said and done 3 days before xmas , she said she would ring me latter to let me know she was safe but i have not heard a word in 6 days she did not even pick a new sim card up for her phone that i organised for her so i cant even phone her and i have fell out with her dad as i found out he didnt want us texting so i really dont know what to think she said her dad dosent know she was going , i am the only one she told ,

so my question is she never wants to come back to this area yet she tells me she is still in love with me and text me to say she was going to dissapear for a while , has anyone been through this or done this if so please can you tell me what the out come was (by the way she is on meds but stopped seeing her threpist ) ps i have done exstensive reserch on all this but all i can find is people that have run away like this are never on meds but she is thanks in advance


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