March has arrived, for me it feel likes the start of the year. I dunno why either, maybe the sun and snow melting does it. I want to log an entry at least everyday. Its a good way for me to work out thought processes and let go information. The mind keeps churning and churning …i dont want to hold it all inside.

Yesterday I read alot, everywhere i looked there was a link to something interesting..strangely it was all connected somehow. Information bouncing back and forth..the scientist Telsa who was infatuated by the numbers 3,6,9), Mount Carmel , numerology , whirlwinds, 1290 days,and 1001 nights. Crazy huh, thats just of the top of my head.

Another crazy subject which has been rushing through my brain is an area which lies in Northern Pakistan/ Afghanistan border. It was called Kafiristan for 100's of years, its now known as Nuristan . Its a place isolated from much of the world still today. Trapped in a pocket of mountains, these people have managed to survive and uphold ancient traditions. Also in these hills are people claim to have decended from Alexander the Macedonian and his army. They are called the Kalasha , thier women dress different and do a Kalasha dance. Thier head dress in really cool, which they wear all day and only take off before bed.

This all started after i watched a movie called " Journey to Kafiristan" , I think it was a German movie ( pardon me if im wrong ) . It about 2 females who go to Afghanistan. One of them is passionately obsessed to see Kafiristan, and the other female accompanies her. Its a dangerous place for anyone, let alone 2 european females.

This area is still very remote and isolated, they are given a special status and answer only to the own. Niether the Afghan ( Government or Taliban , nor the Pakistan Gov/army have any jurisdiction here. Its a wildly exotic place which stands still in time . They live on Goats as thier main food source, there arnt enough grasslands there to keep cows. They mainly live on goat meat, goat cheese , apricots and bread. They are healthy, hard working community and seem to be so cohesively happy. Oblivious to the outside world , they carry on a simple and humble life.


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  1. sab 11 years ago

    TY UCF , happy to share some inspiration , so glad you liked it !

    Have a great day 🙂

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