I just want to let people know the power of therapy, this is not meant to offend or annoy any one, it is meant to enlighten the minds of those whom doubt.

Hope this can be usd to show people how effective Hypnosis is along with NLP and EFT.


Shaun Thompson has quite frankly transformed my family. That you may think is quite a statement but he truly has. I contacted Shaun when my son, ???? was suffering from anxiety, low self esteem and had so many hang ups and fears that his life was at a standstill, he was only 11 years old, Shaun used his hypnotherapy skills and ???? was a different child, later on Shaun helped again when ????? was being bullied and his anxieties were paralysing him to the extent he couldn’t go to school, once again after a session with Shaun the change was miraculous and continued to improve over a period of time, Shaun came again later and helped ???? with his fear of exams. Since then Shaun has helped my eldest daughter with his hypnotherapy skills with her anxieties, fears and extreme anger, which like her brother we discovered stemmed from her childhood. Once again what a triumph! Since then both my sisters have had sessions with Shaun, my eldest regarding anxiety and self esteem issues and my youngest sister over bereavement and anxiety problems, both are so happy and confident now. Shaun has a ’gift’ it isn’t just his hypnotherapy skills that come into play during a consultation its also his wide ranging skills in alternative therapies and his life experiences. I would not hesitate and in fact do not hesitate to recommend him to people I speak to who say they are struggling with life issues whether it is smoking, anxiety, depression or low self esteem to name but a few of the many things Shaun can help with! Shaun is an amazing gentleman, one of life’s ’Characters’ and a truly outstanding Practitioner and I would not hesitate to recommend him, without his help I do not know what I would have done. Shauns professionalism, caring after treatment catch ups and advice helped when nothing else could. He helped when my children and other family members lives were in turmoil. If I was asked to describe the service Shaun Thompson provides only one word springs to mind and that is Outstanding!
–Ruth, D, October 13 2014

5.0 out of 5

Hi there my name is lyn – I recently went to shaun for some help with quitting smoking – I am very satisfied with the outcome I found it very helpful an easier to quit than other methods having tried them all ! Shaun hypnotherapy sessions completely eased the withdrawal symptoms for me making it possible for me to quit cold turkey having been a smoker for 35 years it has been worth every penny :-))) and the support afterwards has been really nice and helpful keeping me on the straight and narrow
–Lynne, Monton/eccles, September 17 2014

5.0 out of 5

I had hypnotherapy to help me face and deal with childhood issues first of all shaun was a warm and welcoming character who made mw feel very at ease he helped me deal with memories i wasn’t able to deal with on my own, some of my memories were buried very deep and had began to fester untill this man pulled them out and helped me face them and put them to rest. Would definatly recommend, what this man can do with the subconscious is amazing!!

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  1. sasha1969 6 years ago

    I am so glad that your patients have had good luck with your help.   I jsut wanted to comment on a couple things.  First, Saying that this is how therapy "Should", work implies that there is only one right way to do therapy.  This is false and I am sure you just chose the wrong word.  And Second, In my opinion, advertieing for patients(This is how I took it and have seem posts liek this is int he past from you)  on a depression site is not only tacky but irresponsible.

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