Okay, there's this guy…

If you go on my page and go to my blog that says, "Friendship Problems," it talks about how my best friend (Jenna) is in a relationship and is starting to like her boyfriend's (Dylan) best friend (Connor).

Anyways, about a week ago, Jenna had broken up with her boyfriend, knowing that she would now be free and may have the option of having Connor. Well, three hours later, she decided sheneededto have Dylan back and that she loved him so much.

Literally, a day later, she starts up her own patterns again and is all over his best friend.

Earlier today, we had gone to a memorial set-up for a friend's (Sean) father who had passed away on the 16th of July and he was there. The whole time after her Dylan left, she kept touching him, flirting with him, and hugging him. Just by first glance, you would think he liked her back, but there has been a couple run-ins with Dylan who has been very jealous of Connor since he's bee noticing her all over him.

Connor even asked Jenna later on at the Memorial, why she kept touching him? She didn't answer.

At the end of the memorial, we were the only two girls left and the rest were four guys who were people we shouldn't have been with. Our friend whose father passed away (I kinda like him, but my best friend hates him since he's a jerk sometimes), Drew, Jimmy, and Nick. The guys started ripping on her and saying it was very obvious that she was all over him and kept flirting with him, saying that her boyfriend should watch out. Of course, she got very defensive and it got ugly.

Now, Connor is a guy that I have liked ever since I met him a year ago. She has only started liking him the past few months after she started getting in tons of fights with her boyfriend. I never told her and now, I just say I look at him as a brother… a lie, but whatever. We are a lot alike in ways and he is in love with Jenna's other best friend, Alex.

Earlier today, he texted me asking if I was alone and why was Jenna touching him. He also had said it made him feel weird and a little awkward since Dylan is his best friend and he didn't want to make him jealous. Then, he texted me the whole night and even asked if he could text me tomorrow. I said, "Sure. Good luck at practice." He rarely sends out emoticons, but he had sent me a smiley face.

He talked to me about being in love Alex and how he wrote a song about her since it controls his emotions instead of throwing punches at the walls. That's all we talked about since this girl can't stand him and wouldn't give him a chance. He basically opened up to me even though he had already done that with Jenna.

I like Connor, but the only thing that is stopping me is Jenna. She's in a relationship that she had broken off after a year, but three hours later, got back together with Dylan, but is still calling dibs on Connor. He is everything that I want and need, but I can't do that to her even though I liked him longer than she has.


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