To be honest… I am fed up with my current job. From 15 years old-21 years old I worked for different group home services. From 21 years old to present day I work for my family’s business. I hate this up & down feelings I have with my job. For a week or two I feel confident, optmistic, & happy with my work. I can assist customers, answer phones, help co-workers, feel so good about my job. The satisfcation with my current job makes me feel accomplished & successful, but then it can go into a week to 3 weeks for feeling like I’m doing crappy at my job.

Like today for example. I started out the day so good. Feeling like I’m doing a great job. Organizing the wait line (since we don’t have numbers to take for customers), assisting co-workers with their customers, phone calls, email, etc. etc… My job requires a lot from me, & it seems like whenever my bosses (AKA my parents) who tell me repeatedly I’m doing a good job, then react passively negative to what I’m doing.

I am tired of this confusion. My parents try to avoid constructive criticism as much as possible. I think in the past 5 years working full time in my family’s business I got a handful of times constructive criticism. I know their anxiety is high when it comes to it, but I like constructive criticism. I’d rather get that instead of “You’re so good at your job. Keep doing what you’re doing.” And then within the same week or later “Here’s things you can improve on.”

I just want a job that’ll be constant, give proper direction, & kind of indenpent work. I’ve done reasearch into getting a boiler license, event/wedding planning, daycare, preschool, took welding in highschool so that might be an easier degree to get, driving school bus, office assistant, cook, baker, etc… My mind has been all over the place for a different carerr path. Just don’t know where to go?


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