I have headaches and migraines every day for most of the day. This started 6 years ago after a concussion.  I have tried everything doctors and neurologists have suggested  and nothing has helped.

This is bad for depression as daily hikes help with my mood so much. But walking hurts my head more when I have a headache. I want life to end so often. It’s so too bad because if I didnt have these headaches, I think the depression would be manageable, liveable. I want to say I don’t understand why I was “given” these headaches to deal with but that doesn’t make any sense. It just happened and I have no choice but to live with them. I wish someone would kill me bit then my kids would have no one. So i don’t want that either. I wonder if these headaches will be with me forever. After 6 years of this I have a feeling they will. Pain, always pain. I have to say though that it is less painful than the severe and deep depression I felt before I started meds 12 years ago. Glimmers of joy, fleeting moments. At least there are still those.


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