It's Sunday morning…. we closed the door to the hotel room, beginning the day… we drove with no particular destination in mind discussing going up on the Blue Ridge Parkway Or the Tennessee Aquarium, he asked how far it would be to get to the aquarium as that was our first thought Parkway was second, so we needed a map, I said we needed a Atlas, he pulls in comes out carrying 2 bottles of water, and YES an atlas, gets in and hands it to me, I'm still smiling at this point I'm pleased and feeling happy, its been sooo long, since I've been even remotely engaged by someone. We study the map together and proceeded to the Tennessee Aquarium. He's holding my hand and I'm actually comfortable with this. I get this feeling of release being in the car on the interstate, freedom overcomingmy senseswith a rush of joy, I've truly missed travling. We talk and he's very engaging, there were quite moments as well, which weren't to awkward. Our trip to Tenn., was smooth and very pleasing. He takes care of everything, we enter the Aquarium, I'm still smiling. we start looking around were holing hands, cuddling and I'm ok with the physical contact which is rare for me, I normally do not let people in my space, I felt safe and good, were moving through the exibits, sitting down together, now I'm in his space drapping my leg over his, laughing. we ;eave the aquarium getting into the car and for some reason we ended up with 3 tickets so he pulls over to 2 women and rolls down the window and holds the ticket out to them and they reply how much do we own you, he answers nothing and tells them they would need to park in our space, there as happy as I am, all smiles, meanwhile he turns the car around and we pass bye the ;adies in our spot and we all wave to each other, I'm soooo impressed! We leave roll out on the interstate, heading south we decide to pull in and have lunch, once again he's wonderful, nice to the server, I'm so happy I'm not even worried about eating, lol. Then back on the interstate… buy then I'm in his space rubbing his neck and we're still talking, not at all like me, I'm relaxed, feeling good safe, and happy ahhhh. The day is winding down he's not ready to go and niether am I so we pulled over and talked some more….he asks about this weekend, I turn in reply and ask him if he's asking me out, he's sweet and is like if you haven't any plans, I'd like to see you again, i replied i have no plans, we begin to discuss this weekend…..

We've been communicating daily every since and yes if mom is ok after her appointment with the dr., its off for another adventure to Alabama, patience that's for the next blog…lol.

I'm meanwhile am trying desperately not to let my past hurt and lack of trust ruin the moment, lastnight was hard but he did what he said he'd do so….. I'm still a smiling…….:))


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