As i said in my last blog, i was to visit my Doc on the 14th, which was yesterday.During my earler visit,he had found my labs " excellent: my VL was 600 and the CD4 count was 1456.He said i needed no meds at this point, though he advised that more tests be done on 30th November and iwas to go in, after those labsand have a chat with him yesterday 14th Dcember.

A step back. In between, as i waited my visit, i developed a flu, after 2 weeks of trying to treat it and it was heading nowhere, i decided to see a Doc. When he checked my nose, he told me it was no oflu some Doc operated on me. in 2010, around may, i felt i was again not breathing well, i was reffered to some world known ENT Proff. who recommended surgery and i did it immedeately. You can imagine the shock i had when i was told it was AGAIN a deviated septum. Funny enough this Doc reffered me to the same Proff.

Last thursday i went to the Proff. He lokked at my nose and recommended immedeate surgery. I asked him what the problem was, he said last time he operated on the nasal bone, but this time it was the rfontal cartilage of the septum that was deviated!! I concluded that i wil not understand whatever he will tell me coz i did not know which parts he was talking about. I accepted to have surgery. He called in a young Dr. and told me to work with her on registering up for the surgery. We went to her office. She asked if i was taking the surgery the following day – Friday. I said no, i wanted the weekend to watch my favourite Team Arsenal play in the Premierl League. She was shocked. But my whole idea was at least to have time mentally adjust to this surgery again!! The Proff. Does not operate on Mondays so we had agreed that i do it tuesday, that is when i remembered my HIV medical on 14th wednesday. I told theDR that i had a emdical on wednesday morning so i could take the surgery in the afternoon. She was agreable. I signed all the necessary papers, as she took them she reminded that i call the nurseson tuesday to confirm the exact time of the surgery.

On tuesday i called to confirm the time. Tey told me 11.00am. I nearly fell off my chair, i told them noo..i had a medical that morning! I called in my secretary to talk to them in Germany, i thought my accented English was the problem!! They did not budge. I decided that i will do my HIV medical very early then proceed for the surgery.

Yesterday i tried to be early. I left home at 8.30am, the appointment was for 9.45am. I was there by 9.00am. I picked my waiting number and sat. At 10.00am i started becoming nervous!! Anyways the Dr. called me in at 10 mins to 11.00. He told me my results were still ver good. He said i was a among the very lucky few whose immunity somehow manages to suppress HIV, i did not know whether to be happy or saa. He told me i am good materiil for HIV study. I told him i was available. I askee him what the exact readings are. He said he had a 23% redaing ( i failed to know what that meant) and that my VL was 500. I asked about the CD4 count because that is what i understand. He said the nurse who handled the samples messed them up, so they would need to do another CD4 count test. I told him i had no time. But i was shocked this could happen. He told me to come in monday. That is when i remebered i alraeday have my ticket to fly out to Africa for holidays on monday. I told him it is not possible. We agreed that i will come for the more tests when i return from holiday in February.

At 11.05 i left the HIV docs office. I told my driver to hurry to the hospital where i was to do surgery. I did not know the two hospitalswere at extreme ends of this big Berlin. Anyway at around 11.40 am we arrived. The nurses were waiting for me. I was taken to my room. Given surgery robes and was given a sleepin tab to swallow. At around 1230 i was being wheeled into the operating theatre. I regained consciousness at around 4.00pm.

Sorry for the daitribe to u tribe members, no one to vent to apart from u good people.

Iam laying here in hospital with my nose stuffed like a chicken!!

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  1. livelyintellectual 10 years ago

    lol, sorry but the chicken part is funny. Recover well. Li

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