So, if you don't know (or haven't read my blogs lately) my hypochondria has been extremely bad and causing me immense anxiety. I can't keep harping on these awful thoughts because well, it's seriously depressing constantly pondering illnesses. I've decided I'm going to talk (in other words RAMBLE) about happy times and things. My childhood was amazing, bright, happy, full of love, without anxiety, and innocently I believed the world revolved around my family and I (somewhat of a warped heliocentrism view, if I do say so myself :p but I was just a little girl) I loved Pooh Bear…it was more of an obsession with the plump little bear, because I was like him; seemingly shy, always happy, and a worrier. Yes, Pooh was a worrier. Don't you remember him saying “Oh bother” repeatedly and rubbing his forehead with his sticky, honey-covered hand? I do. My two sisters and I watched the movies and show. We each had the personality of a character; Danielle (she's 21) was Tigger. Always rambunctious and scared of absolutely nothing not to mention loud. Nikki (she's 20) was Eeyore. She has this sarcastic air about her and she is exceptionally smart, yet extremely quiet at times. Every year, even to this day, our dad has to get us an extra gift which is always a different form of our characters. One year it wass baby versions of the characters, another was collector versions. It became a tradition. I remember not knowing anything going on in the real world. I mean, I saw my parents watch news and CNN, but I paid no attention because I was always running around. I was perfectly content doing the most mundane things. I would sit on the floor in the living room in indian style coloring…..or curl up on my mom's lap or get piggyback rides from my “Bud” (that's what my dad and I call each other) My sisters and I always found something to do, though. We'd play with the kids in the neighborhood till sundown, ride our bikes to BFE without my parents knowing, climbing trees (which I still participate in), trying to fly (long story) I just miss being a child. It was literally the best times of my life. I've never been one of those kids that wanted to grow up. If Neverland existed I wwould have took myself and my family there and been a little girl forever. :p I justt turned my mood completwly around. Sorry for the rambling.

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  1. Piggy 10 years ago

    That was lovely rambing.  We all need to focus on those good memories sometimes.  It does our hearts good. 

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