Once again yesterday was a stupendous day. I woke up early even though I didn't want to my internal clock wont allow me to sleep to late….I hate that because I am always so sleepy. The night before last we went to bed about 2am and I woke up at 6:30 and that sucked but the day got better every step of the way. I hung out with the family and did some chores around the house like taking stuff to the basement,clearing off the porch, pulling up a bush out of the garden that my wife did not want and the post that surrounded the bed of mulch in the front….she wants to put stones/brick around it. I put away the lawnmower and played baseball with my son. It was a day I haven't had in a long time. I am careful to say this because usually when I do the competition (pure O) decides to show up and try and mess things up. Well my family went and ate with my mother and father and brother and sister in law and the 2 babies which are my nieces. I played basketball, the game of life, and password. We also ate turkey which was really good for me because of the tryptophan. My wife left early so I finally came home and thats when I helped with the yard work. I kept falling asleep during watching movies while sitting with her mom, her, and my son. I hate that. Being tired all the time because of OCD sucks. But the good thing is the past 2-3 days I haven't struggled when I am tired which I normally do. I woke up this morning….it sucked. Sure enough Pure O was on the prowl to do it's worst. I rolled over and kissed my wife just to spite the pure O because it wanted me to do something different then that. I love my wife more then anything in this world as well as my son and family. So I got out of bed and turned the TV off for her and checked on our dog because she asked me to. I went and took a shower and used my "capsule" method on my OCD which so far seems to have worked again. I am hoping if I continue it I can regulate the OCD to nothing or to one time a day. For those unfamiliar this is were you find a quite place and force actually welcome the pure O to do it's worst in your mind and turn up the volume. This helps desensitize your brain to the thoughts so they won't have the emotional attachment to the thought and can let go of it. Then I allow myself for 5-10 mins to ruminate on the thought and reason it away. When I am done I tell myself that is all the time I have for the Pure O today and the ruminating and the rest of the day if I have any Pure O thoughts I will mentally label them as OCD and then go on to the next thought or concentrate on something else. It has worked so far…let's hope progress continues.

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  1. bluebuddha 16 years ago

    -Sean- That's awesome, have another great day today!



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