Hi, my name is Antonio and I am from Venezuela. I am 27 years old, but only 4 of them living in a “normal world”, as I guess everybody know, Venezuela is having a terrible economic, and social crisis so I had to emigrated to Colombia since my mother is colombian and I can be here in a legal way. I chosed Bogotá because as the capital city, it offers more jobs oportunities.
Since I arrived here, making friends have been a very hard task, and meeting guys (I am gay) even harder. The culture of this capital is work work work and when they have a small gap in their busy schedule, they go and meet their friends; thus, they are not that willin to meet new people. Since I came I have been struggling with feeling lonely and more than once I have questioned myself, asking if may the problem is me.
I miss my family, my people and even the venezuelan food, and comming back is not an option. I already have tried everything, I have gone to parties alone, I have gone to the cinemas alone, I have tried the apps and the internet to meet people and they show interest in you at the begining but then they dissapear.
Coronavirus have gotten everything worse, so I decided to come here and chat with people in the same position as me, maybe create a support group, lets be lonely together.

  1. skynewwavebrad 1 year ago

    It sounds like a mix of being homesick and a fast paced city? Have you thought of volunteering for a charity?

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    • Author
      antonio0392 1 year ago

      I did try with 2 LGBT+ organizations but they told me they wre looking for graphic designers at the moment, and as I am not then I couldnt enter 🙁

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